DIY: Marbled Mugs + Sharpie Art

I’ve seen these two mug DIYs all over Pinterest and always wanted to do them myself, but never really got around to it. Which is a shame, because they are so easy and cheap and most of the things you need, you probably already have at home. So two days ago I decided that I would finally do this, went to the furniture store and bought a few plain mugs and bowls. Fortunately, they were really cheap, because I wasn’t sure how they would turn out. 

Everything else I needed - sharpies, nail polish, a plastic tub, toothpicks and paper towels - I had at home. 

For the first DIY, let's call it „The Sharpie Mug“, all you need is, well, a sharpie and a mug. I used gold, black and bronze, but you can use a sharpie of whatever colour you want, of course. And then all you have to do is draw, that’s it. Super easy, right? The sharpie dries quickly, but be careful that you don’t touch it too soon or it’ll smudge. Other than that, just be creative. Why haven’t I done this before??

DIY number two, „The Marbled Mug“, is super fun. You again need a plain mug (a bowl works fine as well), nail polish in whatever colour you like (you can go for one colour or mix some together), a tub of hot water, toothpicks and some paper towels.  

I would recommend not to use quick drying nail polish and to make sure that the water is really hot. You have to act very quickly once you've poured the nail polish into the water and we all know that cold water dries nail polish faster, which, believe me, you do not want in this situation. Make sure you hold the nail polish bottle near to the surface of the water or the drops will sink to the bottom, and slowly pour some drops into it. Use the toothpick to create a nice pattern or to mix two colours together. Then just dip your mug straight down into the water, remove it carefully and set it head over onto a paper towel to let it try. Done is your beautiful marble look. Make sure you only hand-wash the mug, never put it in the dishwasher. 

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