Spring Is For New Beginnings

According to the astronomical calendar, the beginning of spring is only four days away, and I’m so ready for it. Time to put away the scarfs and winter coats and say goodbye to the winter blues. Spring is just about to arrive. It’s the season of flowers, leather jackets and yes, new beginnings. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m awfully bad when it comes to New Year’s resolutions (I talked about some of them here). Somehow I never manage to start the year out right even though I always have everything beautifully planned out in my head. The first quarter of last year went quite well for me and was really exciting. I started the year in Lisbon and in February and March, I went to Nice, Cannes, Monaco, Paris, Milan and Manchester. Oh, and let’s not forget the hospital, but that’s a different story. 2016 has been a bit slower so far. After celebrating New Year’s in Madrid, life was less fun and more work. That would be fine if I could say that I’m successfully working on my personal goals as well, but unfortunately, I've been a bit lazy on that front. 

What better time is there to make some changes, start new things and get all the shit done that we’ve always wanted to do then the beginning of spring. Days are getting longer, the weather’s getting better and we had enough time to adjust ourselves to the wonderful thing that is 2016. The lazy days are over now, time to be productive! 

Get Outside

You might have forgotten about it over those cold and grey winter days, but there’s something called outside, and it’s actually quite beautiful. Now that the weather’s finally getting better there are no excuses anymore to stay inside all day. Go to the park (and maybe bring a book with you), take a walk, explore the city. Watch how everything starts to bloom; the world has never been this beautiful. Trust me, it’s worth a try! 

Start A New Project

Don’t tell me there isn’t anything you’ve always wanted to do, but could never really find the time or motivation for it. Writing a book, starting a blog, creating your own jewelry collection? Or have you always been thinking about going to dance class, but you never did? I’m sure there’s something you’d like to try. Now’s the time. DO IT.

Get Up Earlier

You might not want to hear it, but this can really help you getting things done. Getting up an hour earlier or even 30 minutes isn’t that hard and gives you the extra time you need to work on your new project, organise your day properly or do some housework so you’ll have more time in the evening to work on other things. I love working in the morning when my mind is still fresh, and it feels good to start the day in a productive way. If the sun can get up earlier, so can you!

Clean Out Your Wardrobe

While you are putting away your winter clothes, take the time to have a close look at everything and see if there’s anything you can get rid off. Clothes that aren’t in the best condition anymore, that don’t fit well, or you’re not wearing anymore because you maybe have changed your style. Believe me, this isn’t easy for me either because I always think that I might want to wear a certain piece again sometime. But the fact is, if you haven’t worn it in a while, you probably won’t miss it. And you certainly don’t need any clothes that aren’t looking good anymore. Be drastic and start your spring wardrobe with a decent and fitting collection you love. Are there any basics missing? A piece of the newest trend you desperately want to have? Now that you’ve so successfully cleaned out your wardrobe, you’ve earned your right to go on a little shopping trip!

Get A New Hairstyle

It doesn't matter if it’s a haircut or just a new colour, I love starting spring with a new hairstyle. It feels refreshing and always motivates me to be a better version of myself. Whatever plans I have, with a new hairstyle everything seems to go easier. You should give it a try; it can work wonders for your mind!

Start To Plan Your Summer

Now that spring’s finally here (well, almost), it also means one thing: summer’s not that far away. Maybe you’re the type of person who likes to be spontaneous and is always looking out for the best last minute offers (I love doing that myself), but sometimes it can be helpful to think a little bit ahead. When you’re in school or college, you and your friends have the same time off, but once you’re starting to work things get a little bit more complicated. It’s not only about finding the right time for a vacation, there’s also the big question where to go. If you start thinking about it now, you’ll have enough time to gather information about destinations, to compare offers online and arrange all the things for your perfect holiday. Do you need a visa? Any vaccinations? Anything you need to buy that you want to bring with you? What attractions are there to see and what trips could you take? 
Maybe you don’t want to go on vacation but do an internship or any activities in your city. That needs some planning too. You see, there’s a lot to think about. You will not only be ready for your vacation (or whatever you plan to do this summer) when the time finally comes, you also have something to look forward to. 
I’m going to meet with my friend next week to have a chat about our plans, and I’m excited. There are festivals we’d like to attend, my birthday weekend that needs to be planned and maybe another big trip in September. Oh, how I love planning trips!

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