Why I Like Reading At Starbucks

Reading is one of my biggest hobbies, but recently it seems that I can’t find time for it, or let’s say I don’t let myself spend much time reading. It’s not that I wouldn’t love to cuddle up with a book on the couch or in bed, it’s just not that easy. 

Whenever I’m home, I get distracted by so many other things. Either I start cleaning up my flat, working on a blog post or writing a to-do list and then instantly start worrying about all the things on it that I haven’t done yet, so it’s nearly impossible for me to sit down and just enjoy reading a book. I’ve tried reading before going to bed, but most of the time I’m too tired and can’t finish more than one chapter. 

Here’s when Starbucks (or insert any coffee shop you like, it really doesn’t matter) comes in. 


  • People leave me alone. No waiter is coming around every 15 minutes asking me if I want anything else. Therefore, I don’t feel bad if I spend a lot of time there without ordering lots of coffee. I’ve once met a guy at Starbucks who told me that he’s coming there every day and spends hours working and reading with just getting a few refills. Nobody has ever complained. 

  • I get out of my flat. This means I can’t get distracted with cleaning or doing the laundry or whatever. There’s no Starbucks close by where I live so I have to go to the inner-city which is always nice, despite all the tourists. That way I can combine my Starbucks visit with a little shopping trip or just enjoy being around people instead of locking myself up in my flat. If the weather is nice, I take my coffee to go and drink it at a park nearby. 

  • I make my visit worthwhile. Once I’ve spent money on a Starbucks coffee, which isn’t particularly cheap as we all know, I will make sure that I didn’t do it for nothing (apart from having coffee, which I could have had at home too). Means I will spend a certain amount of time there and dedicate it to reading because that’s why I came here, right? 

  • It has become a habit. It’s just something I do now, and I’m looking forward to every week. It also means that no matter how busy my life is, there’s a fixed time in my calendar each week were I will be able to read and get away from everything else. Something that wouldn’t work for me if I were trying to read at home. 

  • It gives me some Me time. Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m always looking forward to these two hours or so that I have just for myself. There are days I’m so caught up in what I’m doing I totally forget to eat or to take a short break and just breathe and calm down. I’m working on that of course, and my weekly reading hours at Starbucks are already sacred to me.

I already mentioned in the post about my goals for this year that I’d love to make more time for reading. Not just five minutes between work, but quality reading time. My Starbucks reading hours are a good start, and I hope that I’ll be able to keep it up.  

Do you have a favourite reading place? Are you lucky enough not to get distracted by literally everything when you're at home? Tell me about your reading time!

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