BookTubers You Should Watch If You Are A Book Nerd Like Me

You probably know by now that I love books. Reading is one of my biggest hobbies and this wonderful community called BookTube has made it even better. Thanks to it I've got so many great recommendations and met the loveliest people. I could literally spend whole days watching bookish videos on YouTube and wouldn't get bored. 

Making a list of my favourite BookTubers was much harder than I thought it would be. There are so many great YouTubers out there who dedicated their channels to books, naming them all would probably take me forever. However, down below you can find some of the ones I watch regularly and absolutely love. 

Please check those people out, they are all amazing. And if you know a great BookTuber I haven't mentioned, please tell me in the comments. I'm always happy to discover new channels.

Awesome BookTubers to watch

Mercedes (MercysBookishMusings)

Mercedes is my absolute favourite BookTuber. Her taste is very similar to mine and thanks to her I’ve found so many great books that I enjoyed but have never heard of before. She reads mostly literary fiction, magical realism and short story collections. Occasionally she also holds a fantasy book or fairytale retelling in the camera. She is a very critical reader (another thing we have in common), but that makes her reviews even more interesting. 

Max (WellDoneBooks)

Max is my favourite male BookTuber I’d say. He, too, reads mostly literary fiction but also a lot of other stuff. I don’t know what it is about Max but I just love hearing him talk. His reviews are one of the few that I always watch because he tells just the right amount of information about a book without giving anything away. But also enough to make me want to read (almost) everything he holds in the camera.

Jen (Jen Campbell)

Jen has a fabulous name to begin with and also really great taste in books. She’s not only a passionate reader but an excellent writer too. Here is a list of her published books you should check out. She talks a lot about poetry but is also a really good tip if you’re looking for literary fiction recommendations. Another thing I can highly recommend is her podcast Books With Jen where she does interviews with authors and lots of other cool stuff. 

Jean (Jean Bookish Thoughts)

Jean has a real talent for making you want to read all the greek and latin classics and pick up more non-fiction books (though she reads lots of other books as well). She occasionally hosts classical literature read-alongs and also has a feminist book club called The Feminist Orchestra you should check out. One of her most recent videos is an introduction to Sherlock Holmes, which is absolutely amazing.

Lauren (Reads and Daydreams)

Lauren, again, reads mostly literary fiction but to be honest, I would even watch her videos if she would talk exclusively about romance novels (not a big fan of those). She has this very calming voice and her videos feel very warm and cosy if that makes any sense. And she does a cool video series called Page to Screen where she compares books with their film adaptations.

Rincey (rincey reads)

What I love most about Rincey's channel is the diversity of her reading. One week she talks about a book I’ve never heard of before and the next she’s discussing a classic or bestseller. But whatever her topic is, her videos are always interesting and fun to watch. 

Amanda (Amanda Center)

Watching Amanda’s videos just makes me happy. She’s sweet and funny and never fails to put a smile on my face. Her reading taste is a little bit of everything, and usually excellent. Oh and she also has a thing for cats, do I need to say more? If you like books and want to have a good time, please head over to Amanda’s channel. You’re welcome.

Elizabeth (books and pieces)

Elizabeth is the queen of science fiction. Her videos are so well done, informative and fun and her personality is just amazing. Even if you think that genre isn’t for you, please check out her channel. I didn’t know sci-fi could be that much fun till I stumbled over her videos and found the best recommendations there. You can get some fantasy on her channel as well.

Thomas (SFF180)

If Elizabeth is the queen, Thomas is the king of sci-fi (and fantasy). Very recently he did a video called "Where to Start SF", which I would highly recommend if you’re looking for a way of getting into the genre but you don’t know where to start. Again he is a person I could easily listen to for hours without getting tired of hearing him talk about books.

And if you’re like me and can never get enough of BookTube, also check out these wonderful people:

Vanessa - chboskyy
Lorna - suddenlylorna
Brock - Let’s Read

I hope you liked my recommendations! Do you watch any of those BookTubers? Know a channel you think I'd enjoy? Please leave me a comment and tell me about it!

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